Score Tower Drink Holder Combo

Score Tower Drink Holder Combo

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Score Tower Drink Holder Combo Set

Free up your hands and mind for ultimate concentration.

Two Birds One Stone

If you thought our Drinkin Partner beverage holder was awesome, then you are going to love this. Not only does it free up both of your hands, it saves you the hassle of trying to keep mental score during the game. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could free up your mind and let this accessory track the score for you? It’ll also be tougher for anyone to sneak extra points this way. The Score Tower Drink Holder Combo does it all, except actually score some cornholes for you. That part is up to you, but now you can zone in on what’s at stake without any distractions. Watch how your concentration and performance improves with the presence of this definitive game set accessory.

At Your Fingertips

The set includes two stands, one for scorekeeping and the other exclusively for drinks. This saves you from setting one stand up inconveniently in the middle of the game field. Now, each team can have their own personal drink holders. The game of cornhole only gets better when you’ve got your drink at arm’s reach during every big shot. Scoring pegs are included that can simply slide along the side of the card. It’s now easier than ever to remember how many points each team has. Better yet, the cards on each stand are made of a material that is resistant to wet weather conditions.

Stay On Top

The two beverage holders stand at a convenient 58 inches in height. Each one can hold two drinks at a time, making it suitable for both single and double player games. For single player rounds, it just means that you can keep an extra drink by your side. Just remember not to drink so much that you can’t score a cornhole!