Distressed American Flag Boards

Distressed American Flag Boards

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Set of two Distressed American Flag Boards

Stained Cornhole Boards Description

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Distressed American Flag Boards Set

Old Glory

The Distressed American Flag Boards bring to life the old glory that is our American Flag. When you gaze at the distressed wood, you will immediately think of the old saw, “These colors don’t run”. Because they don’t. The Red, White, and Blue has faded at times, she has been torn and worn with hardships and trials but her colors never run. The Distressed American Flag Boards were made specifically to catch the old country feel of farmers markets and the old Main Street of small town America. America is built on the hard work of our smallest towns, our most dedicated farmers; it is on the backs of hardworking Americans that this country stands. The American Worker who been through hardships has been through trials but never gives up on their dreams.

Faded But Vibrant

The design team of Let’s Play Cornhole worked hard to bring together the old Americana feel in these Distressed American Flag Cornhole Boards. It is thanks to the premium vehicle quality vinyl that you can see all of the details we drew into these boards. We started first with a word backing to give the printed vinyl a hard wood texture and our artists worked carefully to build up the appearance of an old American Flag that had been painted on the side of a Farmer’s Market stall.

Vibrant Quality

Each of the Distressed American Flag Cornhole Boards is made of the same hard wood the vinyl mimics. A full two by four frame with matches twin foot pegs support the quality plywood face that our craftsmen specially treated to protect it and the frame against wood rot. That plywood face sanded to a perfect smoothness, is then covered with the Let’s Play Cornhole graphic vinyl and given an additional layer of protection with a clear coat of polyurethane.

Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

Our professional craftsmen manufacture each of the Distressed American Flag Cornhole Boards to the exact measurements set forth by the American Cornhole Association. This means that each of the boards and all eight the cornhole bags are ready for local and national tournaments that have been sanctioned by the American Cornhole Association. With each board measuring forty-eight inches by twenty-four inches and the cornhole bags weighing in at the standard 16 ounces, you can rest assured that your cornhole boards will be ready for every level of play.

Made in America

Our Distressed American Flag Cornhole Boards are built to last for years with the proper care and maintenance. Between the quality of materials that we use for our cornhole boards and the Premium All Weather cornhole bags, you Distressed American Boards will only show the age we’ve designed into its graphics.