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Lots of Cornhole Accessories

Cornhole is already a great pastime. However, adding more accessories to your gear makes it even better. Here are some Cornhole accessories you can include in your kit to make you stand out the next time you go tailgating.

The Cornhole Bags, Tote Bags
You can carry all your valuables in these tough and light bags. They come in a choice of black, grey, navy blue, and red. The hemmed tops of the bags have been fitted with drawstrings for easy closing and opening.

The Cornhole Board Cover
This is a set of high quality grey vinyl covers for both of your regulation size boards. Their design and material quality make them resistant to moisture, mold, and even mildew. The waterproof nature of the material will also allow you to clean and maintain them with ease.

The Cornhole Carrying Case
This is a black carrying case that you can fit your boards and other equipment into. It has been designed with a strong set of handles to support the weight properly without straining your palms. Since the game is usually played outdoors, this case has been made strong and durable enough to withstand all types of weather.

Cornhole Accessories LightsThe Cornhole Lights
These lights allow you to continue with your game even when the sun sets. The LED lights can be easily mounted onto the underside of the Cornhole boards to light up the holes whenever you decide to play at night. The Cornhole lights come in various colors.

The Cornhole Sound of Victory
This device has a motion sensor that is mounted under the board. Every bag that passes through the hole triggers the sensor and the device plays back a prerecorded celebratory sound. The sound can be anything from your favorite team’s song to your local stadium’s official buzzer.

Deluxe Cornhole Carrying Case
As the name suggests, this is a high quality carrying case for your equipment. It can also double up as a storage bag for when you need to keep your kit organized while in storage.

Drinkin Partner
This is a portable cup holder that lets you set down your drink anywhere. This clever invention has been designed with a metal spike that allows you to plant it firmly into the ground next to you. The Drinkin partner can hold different types of cans, bottles, glasses, and even cups.

Score Tower Drink Holder Combo
As the name suggests, this drink holder combo includes a set of drink holders and a score tower.
The Score Tower Drink Holder Combo also comes with a spiked end so that you can push it firmly into the ground wherever you need it.

You can add as many Cornhole accessories to your kit as possible, and make it exactly the way you’ve envisioned. The only limit here is your imagination. All the Cornhole accessories have been designed and built with care so that your afternoon of bonding with family and friends is not interrupted in anyway.