7 Games to Play at Your Wedding Reception

Fun Games to Play at Your Wedding Reception

Your day of grand celebration will be just around the corner before you know it. Weddings are a great time to bring together family and friends in order to celebrate the bonding of love. Of course, everyone will want to chat and catch up with one another, but if you want to spice up your wedding reception, then we’ve got what you are looking for. We know that you want it to be a memorable day, filled with lots of fun, laughter and love. Perfect for you, there’s all sorts of games you can play at your wedding reception to achieve this. Whether you’re looking for fun activities, sentimental moments or games that require your special guests to get to know one another, we’ve got it all. You can find the complete set of recommendations in our list of 7 Games to Play at Your Wedding Reception.

  • Good Ol’ Cornhole

Games to Play at Your Wedding ReceptionThe first game on our list is none other than cornhole. In addition to being a favorite pastime in America, cornhole is one of those games suitable for people of all ages and levels of intoxication. It really is the perfect game for any type of situation, regardless of whether it’s all adult participants, children or both. You can faceoff with adults against children or mix it up with blended teams. Either way, when you choose to bring out a cornhole set, you are choosing to have a blast.

For each game that you would like to set up, all you need is one cornhole set. A complete game set includes two boards and a set of eight bags. You can refer to our other articles about setting up the proper distance between the two boards, as well as the official game rules. If you want to entertain more people at once, get multiple games going simultaneously by purchasing multiple sets or having a guest bring one of theirs. Raise the stakes by setting up a tournament and have a prize for the winner.

Those of us who are legal age will love this part. Cornhole is the perfect game to have a beverage in hand as you make each of your tosses. You may as well go ahead and pop a bottle of champagne to really get the celebration going. So, if you’re looking for a game that is easy to set up on your wedding day, we’d have to recommend cornhole. It just never gets old and is sure to call for a good time. Shop Some Here

  • Games to Play at Your Wedding ReceptionDrinking Games (Beer Pong or Flip Cup)

Next up, we have two recommendations that fall under the category of drinking games. Hopefully you’ve invited some guests that have had the opportunity to share in a game of beer pong or flip cup during your college days. We all know that you can never go wrong with a classic game of beer pong or flip cup.

Starting with beer pong, it’s one of those party essential games that symbolize many of our college days. The setup of the game is very simple. All you need is a pack of 12 red Solo cups and some ping pong balls. Each team forms a triangle with their cups and takes turn shooting at their opponents cups from across the table. Make sure ahead of time that you have table allocated for beer pong. Many of your guests will reminisce in playing this throwback game, while also having the chance to share it with those who haven’t played before. Whether it’s your elderly relatives or some of your younger ones, someone’s got to teach them the way. Although, if you’re playing with younger participants we recommend filling their cups with juice or water.

Now for flip cup, the game that is sure to be a howl. Split the teams up into equal numbers and line up one cup in front of each. Make sure every cup is filled with the respective players drink – you’re all ready to go. We all know the chant that starts the game off, so get ready to start drinking and flipping cups at the end of it! First team to finish their drinks and flip the cups in a sequential order wins.

  • Bringing Back the Limbo

Wedding LimboWhat’s a night of dancing without bringing back the limbo? The later into the evening that you wait to bring out the limbo stick, the more fun it will be. This is assuming that your guests have had more time to get some drinks in them. Even if they haven’t, the limbo always calls for laughter and fun times. Let the younger, more youthful and flexible contestants give the once Limbo champions a run for their money. Once again, you can have a prize ready for the individual who can get down the lowest. Make sure your DJ is ready ahead of time with the appropriate music to complete the limbo festivities!


  • Games to Play at Your Wedding ReceptionJumbo Sized Classic Games

You can always make simple games much more fun by making them jumbo sized. Some of our favorites include everything from Tic Tac Toe to Jenga or even a giant word search. We’ve seen them all and know they’re always a hit.

Tic Tac Toe is very straightforward to setup as we all know it to be. Either search online for some jumbo playing pieces or create your own using some light wooden blocks. As for the grid, find some rope and lay it out in the correct formation.

Jenga in its regular size version is tons of fun to begin with. Now imagine playing with a set that’s almost ten times as big. You can purchase these huge Jenga sets online or find the dimensions to create your own jumbo version out of wood. In terms of gameplay, take turns pulling the wooden blocks, before someone yells Jenga as they all come toppling down.

Yes, a good old word search can be perfect for guests waiting to enter the reception. Thanks to technology nowadays this one is also very easy to setup. Create your list of words that you want to be in the word search and use an online generator to create your custom word search in a matter of minutes. For the actual display of the word search, you can use wooden boards to create a frame. For the backing, use a piece of plywood and line it with some white Bristol board. Now, transfer over your printed word search by writing it on the Bristol board. Leave a marker out and let your guests complete the hunt for you!

  • Funny & Sentimental Advice Booklets

This activity can be used for sentimental reasons, humorous purposes or both. All that is required is for you to create mini booklets that people can write in. We recommend using card stock so that your books will last longer. On the cover of each booklet, write a question or topic that you need advice for. Place one or two of these at each table to get responses to a variety of questions. At some point during the reception, your guests can provide their wisdom for you. One day in the future, you’ll come across these little booklets that will bring back a rush of memories from your special wedding day.

  • The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is a fun way to get to know the bride and groom, while also getting to know what everyone else thinks about the newlyweds.

To prepare for the game you will need a list of questions that can be answered by saying either the bride or the groom. You can prepare these yourselves, or have your guests each prepare one ahead of time. An example of how a question may start would be, “Who is more likely too”. Of course, you can get much more creative by giving a situation and letting your guests assume who is responsible for the imaginative scenario. If you want all of your guests involved in the game too, create two signs for each of them. One that indicates the groom and one that indicates the bride. Now for the setup of the game.

The Shoe Game is quite simple to set up. The bride and groom each sit on chairs with their backs to one another so they can’t be influenced by each other’s answers. Then, the two of them swap one shoe each so that they have one shoe of their own and one shoe of their partner’s. Have the DJ read out the questions either you’ve prepared, or the ones your guests have prepared. As each question is read, the bride and groom will hold the shoe of the person they think the question is more relevant too. If you’ve made signs so your guests can participate too, then they would hold the appropriate sign up. This is an entertaining game that will reveal a little bit about everyone there – not just the bride and groom!

  • Wedding Guest Bingo

To conclude our list, we have the perfect way to stimulate conversation among your guests, while allowing everyone to learn something about one another. The best way to go about setting up this game is to have each guest include an interesting fact about themselves when they reply to your invitation. Using all of the facts you collect, create around five variations of different bingo cards. At some point during the reception, take a moment to play some Bingo. Have someone read through each randomly selected fact as your guests begin to decipher who it belongs to. The game is over when someone correctly gets a bingo. You can make it even more fun and engaging by having a prize for this individual. But make sure that they have each answer correct – that’s half the fun!

And that concludes our list of 7 games to play at your wedding reception. We are confident you will have found at least one suggestion that will help to ensure it’s a memorable day for you, your guests and your significant other.



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