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Cornhole Boards

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Unfinished Boards

Plain Cornhole Boards now starting at $74.99

Cornhole Accessories

Lights, Carrying Case, Sound of Victory, and More!

Newest Cornhole Wraps

Check out all our Cornhole Wraps.  Updated with new Vinyl Wraps weekly.  Wraps size is 48in x 24in and are made to fit any regulation cornhole board set. The hole of the wrap is not cut out to allow for proper trimming on your board.

Newest Wedding Cornhole Boards

Ahhh Wedding Bliss!!  Shop all our Wedding Cornhole Boards to make your special day perfect. Tons of different options with your names, initials, and more

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Newest Themed Cornhole Boards

Our themed cornhole boards are the most popular choice with so many different styles to choose from, you can find your perfect board.  Shop all our newest themed cornhole boards

Newest Seasonal Cornhole Boards

For any occasion a cornhole board will liven up any party.  Shop our seasonal cornhole boards for fathers day, graduation, etc.

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Cornhole Boards

You can buy from other online retailers-we have many imitators and there is always cheap knock off resellers online-but you will not get the Let’s Play Cornhole professional and dedicated service from anywhere else.

Let’s Play Cornhole is staffed by a dedicated team of employees who play and manufacture cornhole boards with a passion that upholds the standards put forward by the American Cornhole Association. You may be able to find similar boards on other sites, and you may even find them for cheaper, but you will not find a team of craftsman more dedicated to making sure your cornhole boards are exactly what you want and what you need

When it comes down to quality versus cost, Let’s Play Cornhole is the only cornhole board manufacturer that never sacrifices one for the other. We provide cornhole boards for every budget and we provide the same quality of service with our Classic Boards as we do with Custom Cornhole Sets. Every cornhole board set we make is a quality lifelong investment that will keep your wallet happy and your tailgating parties exciting.

Cornhole Boards ACA Compliant

Whether you are a new buyer or an old hand at Cornhole, we are proud to hold each of our cornhole sets in compliance with the American Cornhole Association Standard. Each and every single one of our cornhole sets, whether they are custom made or chosen from a themed category, will measure to the American Cornhole Association standards. This means that you yourself can hold sanctioned American Cornhole Association Tournaments and bring a whole new competitive teamwork level to your weekend get-togethers.

Local tournaments are a great way to bring your neighborhood together and they’re even better for advertising your local business.

Everything You Need

We have everything you could ask for when it comes to your cornhole boards; from new bags and protective cornhole board covers to an in-depth consult for cornhole board sets that are custom made to your desires. We provide you with anything and everything you need for your yearly maintenance of your cornhole boards whether it’s updating the look of them or repairing damaged face boards. Let’s Play Cornhole is your one stop shop for all of your cornhole needs.

Personalized Cornhole Boards

Our Personalized Cornhole Sets are some of our most popular cornhole board sets. We make it easy to select graphics which are themed to your desires and customized with whatever text you wish. The personalized cornhole boards are an easy way to bring a splash of your style and pride to every backyard barbecue.

Custom Cornhole Boards

Let’s Play Cornhole Custom Cornhole Sets are made with you in mind in whatever style you want while maintaining the American Cornhole Association standards. Submit your idea and then consult with our professional design team to create cornhole sets that have been never seen before thanks to our specialized design software.

Themed Cornhole Boards

Our Themed Cornhole Sets are popular for summer holiday get-togethers: Fourth of July, Nascar, Football, Luau’s, and much more. The Themed Cornhole Board is an easy one-click purchase to bring your themed parties and weekend celebrations alive with a whole different level of immersion.

Wedding Cornhole Boards

The Wedding Cornhole Sets has become increasingly popular with Wedding Planners as Brides-To-Be search for unique reception activities to keep their guests entertained. We provide a full-service customization of our Wedding Cornhole Boards when it comes to the Bride and Groom in a variety of styles and color themes to keep even Bridezilla’s happy.

Stained Cornhole Boards

There is a posh sophistication that comes from stained wood that cannot be applied to other cornhole board sets. Our stained cornhole boards are beautiful displays of fine premium wood and professional staining that will lend your weekend barbecue an air of delightfully competitive elegance.

Military Cornhole Sets

Many of our Let’s Play Cornhole employee’s are prior service and all of us appreciate their dedication not just at creating quality cornhole sets but also in their service for our country. We are proud supporters of our Military and are excited to announce our full line of Military Cornhole Sets.

Seasonal Cornhole Boards

The seasonal cornhole sets are for those holidays that you might not think to celebrate with a rousing game of cornhole. Father’s Day is a day that seems to be filled with trepidation over what to get the Dad who already has everything. While Graduation is a day that is very focused on the new graduate finally accomplishing their goals. Our Seasonal Cornhole Boards aim to make sure that regardless of the holiday you can find a cornhole set to commemorate it.

Classic Cornhole Sets

Our Classic Cornhole Boards are ACA compliant boards which have been stripped of all the bells and whistles to focus on what is important: cornhole. They are fully up to ACA standards and appeal to the aesthetics of simple and plain designs at a lower cost point than our custom boards. While the boards themselves are simple we still offer the wide variety of bag choices that you can expect with every Let’s Play Cornhole Board set.

Cornhole Board Wraps

When you’re looking at cornhole board sets you may already have a set that you purchased. Perhaps they’re the wrong colors, or the graphics have been damaged from rough play, but the boards themselves are still in good shape. Let’s Play Cornhole Wraps are the same wraps we use on all over our cornhole board sets. Rather than purchasing a whole new cornhole board set, especially if your current set still has a good frame and solid face board, try our Cornhole Wraps to update their look. Every Cornhole Set we sell is offered as a Wrap, so you can be sure to find exactly what you want.

Cornhole Accessories

There are a lot of accessories to purchase for your cornhole games. There are carrying bags and cases to make lugging your cornhole board set around easier. There are covers to provide your cornhole boards with protection from the elements without having to completely remove them from the playing field. We even offer cornhole lights for night time play and sound boxes to announce scores.